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Which of the fallowing minerals is contained monazite sand? When did Gandhiji returned from South Africa? Democracies need to ensure a Free and fair election b Dignity of the individual c Majority rule d Equal treatment before law Ans. C Treaty of Constantinople Q4.

How many forms of Democracy are there?

Who was responsible for unification of Germany? Indian railways are 50 mcq sst into a 20b 9c 16d 18 Ans.

Which area was known as the powder keg of Europe? A person who buy goods and services from the market and uses them a Consumers b Tradersc Buyers d Adulteration Ans.

Which treaty recognized Greece as an independent nation? What do you mean by partisan a Party which runs the government b Affair of the state or the science of government c A person who is strongly committed to a party A group of people who come together to promote common beliefs Ans.

When did Greek struggle for independence begin? What is the guiding philosophy of the Bharatiya Janata Party? The total length of Inland navigation waterways of India is a kmb kmc kmd km Ans.

The past two decades of globalization has seen rapid movements in a Goods, Services and people between countries b Goods, services and investment between countries Goods, investments and people between countries Ans.

Globalization, by connecting countries, shall result in a Lesser competition among producers b Greater competition among producers c No change in competition among producers Ans.

In which system goods are directly exchanged without use of money a Barter system b Cooperatives system c Government sector d Non government sector Ans. When did civil disobedience movement re lunched?

Name a countries which does not conquered by Napoleon? The Jallianwalla Bagh incident took place in the city of: Which of the fallowing signifies movement a An organization that attempt to influence government policies b Entities that is not an organization and depend on spontaneous mass participation c Groups which promote collecture good d An organization seek to capture political power Ans.

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The simon commission was boycotted because: Ambedkard Jotiba Phule Ans. Which mode of transportation reduces trans-shipment losses and delays? Who headed the Vienna congress in ?

The resolution of poorna swaraj was adopted at which session: Who among the fallowing is the founder of the Bahujan Samaj party? When was democracy introduced in India a b c 50 mcq sst Ans. Which government can take quick decision a Democraticb Authoritarianc Non democraticd Majouritarism Ans.

In the context of assessing democracy which among the fallowing is odd one out. When did consumer protection act was lunched a b c d Ans. Which one of the fallowing industries use bauxite as a raw material a Aluminumb Cementc Juted Steel Ans.

In which year anti partition movement begins in Bengal? Formal sources of credit does not include Banks b Cooperatives c Employers Ans. Globalisation has led to improvement in living condition a Of all the people b Of people in the developed countries c Of workers in the developing countries d Non of the above Ans.

The most common route for investments by MNC in countries around the world is to a Set up new factories b Buy existing local companies c Form partnership with local companies Ans.PPSC SPSC NTS FPSC CSS PMS MCQs Past Papers Jobs Results Syllabus.

NTS MCQs Test Syllabus for SST Math Physics SST Bio Chemistry SST General. District Cadre SST Posts by Directorate of Elementary and Secondary Education, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar Pakistan Studies Multiple Choice Questions Answers.

nutrition­multiple­choice­questions/)» 50 REAL TIME FOOD NUTRITION Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 50 REAL TIME FOOD NUTRITION MULTIPLE CHOICE/5(58). Jan 26,  · Current Affairs MCQ | Best 50 MCQs | Improve your current affairs for the upcoming examinations.

Current affairs are very important if you want to prepare for any exam, in this video you will. Climate - MCQ Test 2, Class 9 SST Attempt Total Questions: 30 | Duration: 30 min Subjective Question & Answers - Climate, Social Science Class 9 Read Length: 66 pages Chapter 5 - Natural Vegetation and Wild Life 10 videos, 8 docs & 2 tests/5(K).

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50 Mcq Sst

Reply Preety. Ans. C) Treaty of Constantinople Q4. Who was responsible for unification of Germany? a) Bismarckb) Cavourc) Mazzinid) Garibaldi Ans.

a) Bismarck Q5.

50 mcq sst
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