An introduction to the life and literature of jack benny

In addition, three Benny biographies are available: From the most inauspicious beginnings, and with a talent that overwhelms neither eye nor ear, he rose to the rare status of an entertainment institution. In the year following his marriage Benny gained a national reputation as the witty master of ceremonies at the Palace Theatre in New York.

It was Benny who discovered that the humor had to emerge from the character and that the key to longevity on radio was not novelty but familiarity. Over the years his staff of writers has been the best paid in the business, as were the members of his cast, many of whom, like tenors Frank Parker, Kenny Baker and Dennis Day, went on to independent successes from the sturdy springboard of the Benny show.

William Paleythe chairman of CBS, personally persuaded Benny to switch to his network with an enticing capital gains deal. After a while, he began to talk, which grew into a comedy monologue.

She provides extreme levels of detail about her early life, homes, and the trappings of being a celebrity daughter. This type of repetition was making his character more familiar and predictable to his listeners. Mary insisted that Jack listen to her violin playing.

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Her life is very well detailed up to aboutbut she says almost nothing of her activities for the past quarter century. Where other comics were satisfied with the rapid fire topical gag, the joke for a day, Benny invested in the long-term endowment plan.

But this is the fall of and such things are to be expected of celebrity offspring. He was a high school dropout although, as he notes with irony, Waukegan eventually built a junior high school in his honor and took to serious study of the violin only after flunking out of the family haberdashery business.

For the second time in his life Benny had to adapt to a new medium replacing an old one. It makes no difference how.

Benny and his writers introduced other innovations as well. Her short, simple sentences slow the pace in a sudden manner. When a robber confronted him in one routine with the remark "Your money or your life," Benny paused. In what amounted to a challenge, Benny said to a Post reporter the other day: His television show could stand to be revived by one of the cable networks, and a TV movie about him is a possibility.

He became an instant hit with enlisted men and joined The Great Lakes Revue, which toured most major cities in the Midwest. Their act was billed as "Salisbury and Benny: From Grand Opera to Ragtime.

Radio listeners came to know the Benny personna as a lovable penny-pinching egotist, and before long he was one of the most familiar figures on the air. It was at this time that he began his famous feud with Fred Allen, another leading radio comedian of the day.

Between the two friends there is such an uncanny rapport that Burns sometimes has to do nothing more than look at Benny is reduce him to helpless, writhing laughter. Benny is an alarmingly physical laugher who falls out of his chair, pounds the carpet, chokes, drools and claws the air when he is amused, a response he provides so often that no one even bothers to help him up off the floor.

The two had what would mildly be described as an adversarial relationship. Burns wriggled his eyebrows a little and there was a sudden stir in the audience as Jack fell out of his seat choking with suppressed laughter. His ad lib abilities were said to be limited, but his timing was impeccable.

Jack continued his successful career in vaudeville, and when his partner took ill, he persuaded Mary to fill in. Burns exercises this power whenever the spirit moves him, usually on the average of once a day. We are neither affiliated with the author of this essay nor responsible for its content.

And without the essential bitterness that lies at the heart of wit. He vacillated for a time before deciding that going into radio would be worthwhile. He found it horrible and he and Zeppo made a quick exit.Jack Benny. Comedian Jack Benny () was one of the top stars of radio, television, and stage in a career which spanned over 50 years.

A master of comic timing, Benny changed the nature of the weekly comedy show on radio and his likeable skinflint stage personna delighted audiences in the United States and around the world.

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Jack Benny

3 total results. An Introduction to the Life and Literature of Jack Benny. 1, words. 2 pages. A Description of Sunday Nights At Seven By Jack Benny With Joan Benny. 1, words. 2 pages.

An Overview of the Jack Benny's Autobiography. 1, words. 2 pages. Company. Contact. Follow comedian Jack Benny's year career as a star of radio, the stage and screen, on For more than 50 years, comedian Jack Benny was a star of radio, the stage and screen.

His radio show, The Jack Benny Program, was a Born: Feb 14, A warm and intimate portrait of the quintessential humorist of an age --Jack Benny -- by Irving A.

Fein, Jack's personal manager, and with an introduction by George Burns. When Americans heard the rasping strains of "Love in Bloom" and the first long-drawn-out, perfectly timed "Well!"/5(12). Jan 06,  · The life story of Jack Benny was published in many newspapers and magazines over the years, but perhaps the most extensive version was in the New York Post.

The paper printed a six-part biography on full pages on consecutive days, beginning on February 3,

An introduction to the life and literature of jack benny
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