Case study of the cliptomania web store

When an order was received there was no way to verify that the address was legitimate or that in many cases the credit card information was valid for the person making the transaction. In terms of the positives the company made a great effort at putting together some basic HTML web pages as they had no previous experience in creating such content.

While fraud will always exist the company must work to minimize it to the greatest extent possible. This intrigued me, but I knew little about the Internet or jewelry so I started staying up at night and working weekends doing research on jewelry and how to sell via the Internet.

Its business is conducted from the lower level of the Santo home in Indiana, but it sells non pierced earrings all through the United States, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Less than one percent of their customers return any items. Cliptomania is unique in that it started as an online retailer at the height of the internet boom.

I could find plenty of earrings for pierced ears, but it was clear that all the stores had decided that they could not sell enough clip-ons to justify carrying an adequate stock in their stores. They need to contact a web host and install all of their off the shelf software as well as their own HTML pages into a location that can provide them with the bandwidth and reliability they need.

But you would be surprised how many teens and young twenties buy because for one reason or another they have had trouble with pierced ears. Our customers are pretty evenly distributed by age from pre-teens to the elderly.

Candy was the development director for a large nonprofit organization that provided a broad continuum of care for the homeless, and before that she had been executive director of a crisis line. Due to there are various different types of clip mechanisms, I can often help them out.

After 13 months of research I concluded that the Internet was the ideal medium for this type of business. The one thing to note about this company is that they were successful based on their market strategy and not based on their technology.

I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including…

The cost of such configurations is not prohibitive but will provide them a new level of reliability and the ability to handle larger transaction loads. The Santos decided to try to sell clip-ons on the Web, and Candy came up with the name Cliptomania for their new Web store.

They employed a patent and trademark attorney who checked and found that the corporate name appeared to be available. For instance, Cliptomania has a very liberal return or exchange policy that allows customers to return or exchange any item within 30 days for any reason without question. Earrings had a high markup, you could get started with little capital, and the Internet was the way to access the widely distributed market for clip-on earrings.

The site was developed with minimal HTML tools and could use the help of a designer to ensure that they have a site that is both highly interactive and attractive which will drive traffic to their site. I knew that there must be millions of people in the world who wanted clip-ons and could not find what they wanted, so this appeared to be a great opportunity to sell them on the Internet.

To fix the problems that exist within this small family business we have to look at the fact that the company is successful with very limited resources and deploying the right resources and tools will provide them with a great foundation on which to grow.

Cliptomania is owned and operated by the Santo family-father Jim, daughter Christy and mother Candy. If they choose to rate the store, in two weeks by which time they should have received their purchases they are sent an e-mail pointing to an online rating form to complete.

A lot of our buyers are first-time buyers on the Internet, and some of them are older women. Jim had a long-time career in insurance sales that he still continues. I looked everywhere I could think of in the New York metropolitan area.

Although it sells only clip-on earrings, by June Cliptomania was the fifth largest jewelry store on Yahoo! In addition to financial transaction processing was the issue of the reliability of such an internet based system as the entire store was based on 4 computers they had in their office along with a laptop that they used as well.

The Santos have found an underserved market niche.II The Cliptomania TM Web Store The Cliptomania Web Store case study relates how a family was able to overcome online services challenges to launch a successful e-business. The Santo family went from a small room inside their new Jersey home into becoming one of the top online jewelry stores for supplying clip on earrings.

I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including I need a two page I need a two page case study on Cliptomania Web store including the following listed below and it is due by Tuesday 6 pm est Discuss the strategic issues faced by the company in.

Cliptomania Web Store Unit IV Case Study This case study is an analysis of the strategic issues faced by The Cliptomania Web Store in the development and launch of their e-business venture.

Unit IV Case Study This case study is an analysis of the strategic issues faced by The Cliptomania Web Store in the development and launch of their e-business venture. Cliptomania, LLC, owned and operated by the Santo family, is an e-business that sells clip-on earrings throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand (Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins, ).

QUESTIONAnalyze Case Study II “The CliptomaniaTM Web Store” (on pp. in the textbook).MBAManagement Information Systems 3? Discuss the strategic issues faced by the company in launching and developing their e-business venture.? Case Study II-4, The Cliptomania Web Store: An E-Tailing Start-Up Survival Story Cliptomania was first established as a Yahoo!

store in November of by the Santos family, Jim, Candy, and daughter Christy and later son Greg joined the company.

Case study of the cliptomania web store
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