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There is no separate requirement for financial statements required by Regulation S-X. December 19,CF Industries Holdings avail.

Division of Corporation Finance

However, if employer securities are added as an investment option to an existing plan that previously had not been required to report to the SEC and a "new plan" is deemed to have come into existence for purposes of General Instruction A. Corp Fin was having none of it. Accordingly, the management and shareholder proposals seek a similar objective; to give shareholders the ability to call a special meeting.

The SEC granted relief and, in view of the success of this approach, a significant number of companies then followed the Whole Foods model. Rule 15d provides that separate other reports need not be filed pursuant to Section 15 d with respect to any plan that elects to rely on the Rule 15d reporting option.

As a result, this configuration of company proposals and shareholder proposal was closer to the type of no-action request that Corp Fin had ruled out under the SLB; in effect, Corp Fin said, they all sought a similar objective of allowing shareholders to call a special meeting: For this purpose General Instruction A.

Like many companies, however, American had a charter provision that prohibited shareholders from calling special meetings—only the board or the CEO could call a special shareholders meeting. In American Airlines Group avail.

Other than a resale prospectus permitted by General Instruction C, no prospectus is filed in Form S March 18,AES Corporation avail. Therefore, the proposals do not present shareholders with conflicting decisions such that a reasonable shareholder could not logically vote in favor of both proposals.

See this PubCo post and this PubCo post.

Financial Reporting Manual

As a result, the companies were seeking only shareholder ratification; no further shareholder action was necessary to implement the charter and bylaw provisions that were being submitted for ratification.

If financial statements of the plan are required to be filed, they should be prepared Corp fin accordance with S-X Article 6A and for the periods specified in S-X and April 2,the staff concluded that the approach taken by the company was coloring outside the lines and denied no-action relief.

January 30, and Capital One avail. Accordingly, we do not believe that the Company may omit the Proposal from its proxy materials in reliance on rule 14a-8 i 9.

If the plan has not yet completed its first fiscal year, file an annual report for a period ending not more than 90 days prior to the filing of the registration statement at the same time the Form S-8 registration statement is filed.

While this articulation may be a higher burden for some companies seeking to exclude a proposal to meet than had been the case under our previous formulation, we believe it is most consistent with the history of the rule and more appropriately focuses on whether a reasonable shareholder could vote favorably on both proposals or whether they are, in essence, mutually exclusive proposals.

Corp Fin further refines Rule 14a-8(i)(9) exclusion

If the plan has not been in existence for at least 90 days prior to the filing date, the requirement to file an employee plan annual report at the same time the Form S-8 registration statement is filed shall not apply.

That was not the case in American Airlines. Registrant information is updated by the filing of Exchange Act reports, which are incorporated by reference. Registrant is current in reporting obligations with respect to all reports and other materials required to be filed during the preceding 12 months, or such shorter time as registrant was required to report under the Exchange Act [General Instruction A.

Accordingly, plans are not subject to any Form 8-K reporting requirements, including Item 4. Instead, prospectus delivery is accomplished by delivery of the documents specified in Rule Form S-8 requires the following for both the sponsor the registrant and the Plan For the registrant, which must be current in its reporting obligations, incorporate by reference [Item 3 of Form S-8]: Must provide the schedules required by S-X 6A This obligation requires the Plan to file an annual report on Form K.Corp Fin has announced that it intends to begin to publicly release on EDGAR “bedbug” letters—letters issued by Corp Fin to advise the issuer that its registration statement or other offering document is so deficient that Corp Fin won’t even bother to review it until the filing is amended to.

Corp Fin to publicly release bedbug letters—this kind, not that kind

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Corpfin Capital is an independent investment group whose main activity is the management of private equity investments in Spain since Before joining Corpfin Capital inhe worked for over three years at the Investment Banking Division of Deutsche Bank in Madrid as analyst and associate.

Prior to that, he was a trainee at Credit Suisse in London and at Acquisition Group in Sao Paulo. In support of the Commission’s mission to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation, the Division of Corporation Finance seeks to ensure that investors are provided with material information in order to make informed investment decisions, both when a company initially offers its securities to the public and on an ongoing basis as it.

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