Does 16 and pregnant promote or

Shows like these, according to this survey, are influencing their viewers to start thinking that teen moms have an enviable quality of life.

Her friends are partying without her. They recorded spikes in Google searches and Twitter mentions about the show when new episodes aired and looked specifically for searches on terms such as "birth control" and "abortion" alongside those spikes.

They are worried that shows like these were having a copycat effect. You walk into your home after a busy day at work and the first thing you see is your teenage daughter watching TV. If you could cast all of these girls and their Does 16 and pregnant promote or on the show, the attempts to just get on the show must be unbelievable.

Kearney believes TV shows like "16 and Pregnant" work to deter teens in a similar way. The documentary-style show inspired several spinoffs, including the popular "Teen Mom. Both programs spun off from an earlier series, " 16 and Pregnant.

Considering 16 and Pregnant premiered in the summer ofit is tempting to wonder whether the show is responsible. In six teenagers, pregnant unintentionally, allowed MTV to film their pregnancies in hopes that youth watching the resultant show — 16 and Pregnant — would learn from their mistakes and wait before starting a family not to forget the good ratings, of course.

Study: MTV's '16 and Pregnant' led to fewer teen births

Frequent viewers of the programs also were more likely to believe that teen moms have affordable access to health care, finished college and lived on their own. This really drove me crazy.

Considering that the United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates for a developed country, this is a notable change. Martins said the initial program, "16 and Pregnant," seemed to do a better job of focusing on the harsh realities faced by the teen moms.

At first glance, shows like 16 and Pregnant might just seem like a dumb way for kids to become famous. MTV followed the same teens around after their babies were born. They had given up their baby for adoption but were still facing some of the same struggles as the other parents, like trying to find out what to do with their futures, maybe finishing school.

The show was originally designed to make young women realize how difficult it is to be a mom in your teenage. Oh nothing major, just a sex tape.

Of course, no one, including the study authors, is saying that MTV alone is responsible for the declining teen birth rate. I would have too-had I found an increase in pregnancies.

The average conversation about sex between doctors and teens in the study lasted less than two minutes. I just could not put my finger on what the producers over at MTV were doing. Interestingly, the impact of exposure to these programs affected young men and women similarly.

According to freelance journalist Phil Schneider, the spinoffs were successful in accurately portraying teen motherhood: Although the purpose of the show was to warn teenage girls about the hardships of teen pregnancy, MTV has been denounced by many who accuse the network of promoting unrealistic lifestyles of teen mothers.

The link between media and teen behavior A survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that 16 and Pregnant and other teenage pregnancy TV shows were responsible for a drop of six percent in Participants ranged in age from 14 to The shows are often criticized for glamorizing teen pregnancy.

What else is she known for? It was particularly one couple, Catelynn and Tyler. When I heard of its premiere, I could not help but laugh at the idea. The show has spun off into Teen Mom, and then Teen Mom 2. Viewers saw how aged the life of a teen mom was as the stars fought with the fathers of their babies, their own parents, faced financial constraints and struggled to get a high school diploma and watch as their friends enjoyed their lives in college.

Explain to me how that is supposed to help young girls to act responsibly. Studies have shown that these shows these shows have aired, teen pregnancy statistics have steadily declined.Study: Heavy viewers of 'Teen Mom' and '16 and Pregnant' have unrealistic views of teen pregnancy; Study: Heavy viewers of 'Teen Mom' and '16 and Pregnant' have unrealistic views of teen pregnancy.

Many believe teen mothers have an enviable quality of life, a high income and involved fathers. Jan. 9, ; FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. While “16 and Pregnant” has been playing for many years now, the debate has been sparked whether the show promotes or prevents pregnancy. Many people think that “16 and Pregnant” promotes pregnancy.

May 04,  · Melissa Henson: Creators of MTV shows "16 and Pregnant," "Teen Mom" had good intentions But MTV promotes the girls as celebrities, she says; they get headlines and front page photos Headline about.

Jan 13,  · A study released Monday suggests that the MTV show 16 and Pregnant has contributed to a decline in the nation's teen birthrate.


The researchers looked at teen births, Nielsen ratings, Google searches and tweets. Jan 13,  · The next time your teen turns on MTV's "16 and Pregnant," avoid any disparaging remarks. The show may actually encourage him or her to practice safer sex. If you turn on MTV, you’re sure to see shows such as Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, and 16 and Pregnant on the air.

This has raised a few eyebrows. Critics of the show believe that it is just the media publicizing and promoting teenage pregnancy–when in actuality, the opposite has happened.

Does 16 and pregnant promote or
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