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Most of this research has been conducted with college student samples; when community samples are used, the rate of sexual coercion, while still high, is generally not as elevated as their college student counterparts.

Specifically, child pornography has created threats to the integrity of the moral precepts of parents seeking to build a well-defined sense of morality for their children amidst the changing values of the larger society from the economic to the legal doctrines and many others MacKinnon,p.

There is some evidence that male victims of sexual coercion feel less threatened and have fewer negative consequences than female victims.

Sexual Coercion

This tactic is more often employed in coercive experiences between acquaintances or friends than in committed relationships. A majority of what is known about sexual coercion is limited to male-to-female perpetration; however, a growing body of research has examined female-to-male perpetration.

Extrinsic motivations for compliance to coercion are more commonly reported than intrinsic motivations. Journal of Sex Research, 40, 76— In the context of the case of Kistler, the SLT of Akers will be primarily used in bringing into light the causality behind the case not only the immediate causes one can easily perceive but the causes that will be arrived at after a careful analysis of the case.

Pornography has been one of the primary social issues that have concerned individuals from all range of ages regardless of racial or religious background and remains to this day as a growing threat to the ethical and religious precepts of various cultures and societies Rea,p.

The literature generally suggests that women are more likely than men to be victims of sexually coercive tactics.

Consequences of sexual coercion range from a negative impact on the relationship to depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress symptoms and are associated with the severity of the coercive tactics that were employed.

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 14, — The role of sexual precedence in verbal sexual coercion. Repeated requests, nagging, and pleas for sex are considered to be neutral verbal persuasion and are most common in established relationships.

Although coerced sexual initiation can lead to rape, the less severe tactics e. The most frequently reported tactics of coerced sexual initiation are physical arousal and verbal persuasion, though in many cases a combination of tactics is used to coerce sexual contact.

Coerced Sexual Initiation Essay

Most of the victims of this crime will never say anything out of fear that something worse may occur like death. The differential correlates of sexual coercion and rape. Free Speech Coalition Cothrel,p. However, at present, gender differences in coercive initiation of sex are difficult to assess, as there is a relative lack of research focusing on female perpetration and male victimization.

What separates the case of Kistler from the rest is the fact that he posed through the internet as a teenage boy with a terminal case of leukemia. Tactics of sexual coercion: If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

Journal of Sex Research, 43, 87— Although the lack of consistency in defining sexual coercion makes it difficult to synthesize the existing literature, it is apparent that sexual coercion occurs at a high rate.

Psychology of Women Quarterly, 28, — In essence, SLT purports to support the employment of punishment which corresponds into extended sentences for criminals convicted as it also facilitates to elucidate on the population of prisons that commenced back in the early years of the s Livingston, There are also younger victims that are also targets because they are new to the prison system.

Relative to victims of verbal sexual coercion, physically coerced victims experience more negative affects and are more likely to label the incident as rape.Sexual Coercion and Social Learning Theory Pornography is defined as any form of material manifested either through printed words or through images or pictures that is explicitly sexual in nature (Langton,p.

Sexual Coercion and Social Learning Theory - Sample Essay

). Sexual Coercion Markisha Gordon-Hogan Criminal Justice Organization & Administration July 1, Assignment 1 Sexual coercion is a problem in correctional institutions because there can be inmates intimidated by other inmates. However, definitions of sexual coercion vary considerably in the existing literature, contributing to the difficulty inherent in defining coerced sexual initiation.

For example, in some studies, sexual coercion is defined broadly and includes the use of alcohol or drugs to decrease the victim’s inhibitions to obtain sexual contact.

Sexual Coercion and Social Learning Theory - Sample Essay Pornography is defined as any form of material manifested either through printed words or through images or pictures that is explicitly sexual in nature (Langton,p. ). In addition to rape and sexual coercion, other forms and behaviors of sexual assault include exhibiting chronic jealousy, accusing one's partner of affairs, having affairs, treating one's partner as a sex object and withholding sex.

Sexual Coercion Essay

Sexual Coercion Essay Although the literature is replete with studies and discussions of sexual coercion, there is little consistency when it comes to defining, measuring, and differentiating sexual coercion from other forms of sexually aggressive behaviors such as rape, attempted rape, or unwanted sexual contact.

Essay sexual coercion
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