Family coursework questionnaire

What were their relationships with each other and with you like when they were young? What would you consider to be the most important things I should know and appreciate about each individual person in your family including yourself?

Which child is most like their other parent? Does this particular problem show up only at home, or does it also appear outside of the home for example, at school, with friends, in public?

Do you have marriage certificates for family members? What forms of discipline did you use and why? If your partner does not fill out their own questionnaire, please ask them to answer questions about the family they grew up in separately. Ongoing interests and hobbies What has provided you the greatest satisfaction in life?

Can you give us clues to family locations, such as property of any kind? What happens when you have different opinions on how to handle parenting situations?

Do you have old books with the family name noted? What was most difficult? How did you or they immigrate? How are they like their other parent?

Do you know any family stories or traditions regarding residence, relatives who served in the military, civil service, trade, occupation or profession?

Questionnaire Example

If you have more than one child, how are the children different from each other? I invite every parent or person acting as a parent to fill out this questionnaire before we meet. Add another sheet if you need it. Which child in the family is the most like you? Was your family affected by the Depression?

Do you remember your first contact with such significant inventions as radio, television, or a computer? How would you say the world has changed since you were young?

Do you have letters especially before from or to family members? Do you have deeds, wills, or similar old items which mention the family? Where were they born? Did you or anyone close to you serve in a war?

Family Questionnaire

Who makes the big decisions for your family? Do you possess or know of military certificates, discharges, or papers? What is your philosophy about the best way to teach children? When did your family first buy these items?A family questionnaire may be useful in approaching members of the family to seek their resources or information.

This questionnaire should be personalized with a short note written across a corner of the form and include the genealogist's full name and address at the bottom. Ellen Taylor-Powell Program Development and Evaluation Specialist May Program Development and Evaluation Questionnaire Design: Asking questions with a purpose.

2 Student Questionnaire In this booklet, you will find questions about you and what you think. For each question, you should choose the answer you think is best.

Let us take a few minutes to practice the kinds of questions you will answer in this. Either complete and submit the Family Questionnaire using the following online form, or download and print the attached Word or PDF documents and submit them to Emory by email, snail mail, or in person.

The present study describes the development and validation of the Family Questionnaire (FQ), a brief self-report questionnaire measuring the EE status (criticism, emotional overinvolvement) of relatives of patients with schizophrenia.

Questions about income, occupation, finances, family life, personal hygiene, and personal, political, or religious beliefs can be too intrusive and be rejected by the respondent.

Great questions and great answer choices lead to great research success. To learn more about survey question design.

Family coursework questionnaire
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