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My blessings are with them. I thought he was on the Naval Intelligence payroll at the time.

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And they were spending money. Anything else you can tell us about anti-Castro operations back then? Business Planning Group can guide you in establishing your captive s to provide the needed risk coverage for your company.

It was really a launching area place to run to when people have a rough time getting out. And this American ex-Marine was the bagman; he could get entree to those people. And you believe Hall was directly involved? Strategies Our Mission To serve client organizations, their owners, executives and key employees by supporting them in planning for their financial futures.

It would not have been in our best interest to do some of the things they were promoting.

And what do you think Spiro Agnew would have done about six hours later, thinking it was a Castro operation? This is right in line with their penetration of law-enforcement agencies, which gives them access to things like judges and FBI documents.

But primarily, the proprietaries could supply enough funding to keep things going and buried from the scrutiny on Schlesinger and Colby until things quieted down.

Those Cubans were drunk and there were automatic carbines lying on the bunks within six feet of the president. The people involved knew they were risking that among the fatalities could be Richard M.

It was just one page in a big book. They finally nailed him. It could have turned into one. Quite a few have developed their own CIAs. But no incident occurred? And he was concerned about the possibility of Florida suffering the first damage in any encounter.

Everybody gets to know everybody else. We [Interpen] felt Castro was so clumsy that leaving him in power suited our purpose more than allowing Raul [Castro] or Che [Guevara] or some of the more hard-core Communists to take control. They became part of the political family up there.

Can you think of anything else along those lines? Oh yeah, more than once. Why were you suspicious of Lorenzo Hall? Then there was considerable advance warning on the missile crisis?BBB's Business Review for The Business Planning Group, Inc., Business Reviews and Ratings for The Business Planning Group, Inc.

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Attorneys at the Kelley Law Firm assist clients with liquidation conditions, debt matters, sales, acquisitions, and other aspects of business planning or succession. An EX-CIA Man's Stunning Revelations On "The Company," JFK's Murder, And The Plot To Kill Richard Nixon.

Argosy Interview: Gerry Hemming By Dick Russell. Business Planning Special Needs Planning Tax Planning Resources.

Estate Planning Frank E. Hemming | Pierro Connor & Associates, LLC Trusted Counsel. Frank E. Hemming Location: 43 British American Boulevard Latham, NY, United States. Several of TPG’s Partners hold advanced degrees from many of the world’s leading educational institutions and presently serve as adjunct faculty, teaching in the areas of business administration, supply chain and advanced management.

Business Planning Group personally works with business owners and executives to help them understand the potential rewards that are available when they take a proactive approach to their business and personal financial planning.

Frank hemming business planning group
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