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They help Jacob and Melanie reconcile the couple later elopesand manage to catch "Catfish Hunter" and release it, then clarify their own drama. That being said, more than enough time has passed wince the original Grumpy Old Men came out inso contemporary audiences might not even be aware of the fact that this new Eddie Murphy vehicle is a remake.

Irritated it will no longer be a bait shop, Max and John join forces to sabotage the restaurant. He has the next chapter in the Shaft franchise coming to theaters.

Grumpy Old Men Is Getting A Remake With Eddie Murphy

Plot[ edit ] Retirees John Gustafson Lemmona former high school history teacher, and Max Goldman Matthauwho was Grumpy old men television repairman, are childhood friends, longtime rivals and next-door neighbors in Wabasha, Minnesota.

John has a daughter, Melanie Daryl Hannahwho is having marital problems, and had a son, Brian, who died in Vietnam. Following the funeral, John and Max call Grumpy old men their feud again Grumpy old men John and Ariel reconcile. And he will reprise the role of Mr.

Grumpier Old Men Photos View All Photos 4 Movie Info Once again crusty Matthau and sly Lemmon bring forth their craftiest dirty tricks and sharpest barbs in this alternately poignant and hilarious sequel set six months after the wedding between Gustafson Lemmon and the luscious Ariel Ann-Margret.

Pairing him up with Samuel L. After realizing that their own inability to properly plan a wedding is what drove their kids to call it off, they decide to set it right.

Getting Eddie Murphy back into a comedy is exciting. In the face of such feistiness, it is small wonder that Goldman finds himself falling in love, but will he succeed in subduing the equally stubborn Maria?

Upon hearing the news, John and Max reignite their feud. Ariel decides to cook him dinner and they spend the evening together. Max decides to step aside and let Ariel be with John. And keep track of all the movies coming to theaters in with our Movie Release Calendar, which is hot off of the presses.

Max then goes off to a local dance sponsored by the VFWwhile a newly single Melanie who is officially divorced and Jacob, left home alone, begin a new romance with each other. Ariel is stressed out because of it and leaves John. Despite their differences, both men lead boring and lonely single lives, and share a love for ice fishingas well as competing, arguing, insulting, and pulling cruel practical jokes on each other.

On paper, this sounds good. As the story begins, the two pensioners have become grudging pals, content to suspend their constant practical jokes as their children prepare to marry each other.

After being convinced to take a long look at herself, Maria reluctantly stops seeing him. After seeing John in the hospital, Max tells Ariel what happened.

Jackson would be very exciting.

Ariel is offended and soon takes up with Max, while John sinks into a deep depression. When John decides to go home, Max follows John into the snow, wanting to make things right.

Early on, Ariel spends time with Max, which secretly upsets John. The two devious fellows, hating the idea that anything should change in Wabasha, Minnesota, team up to keep that restaurant from opening, but Maria is having none of that nonsense and stands her ground. They are successful at first with their practical jokes.

However, the local bait shop closed after Chuck, the previous owner died, and Maria Ragetti Sophia Loren has purchased the property with the intent of converting it into a fancy Italian restaurant.

So long as it recaptures this magic: He tells Max that none of it matters anymore because he got what he wanted in the end. At the restaurant, Francesca is worried about all the time Maria spends with Max.

The spring and summer fishing season is in full swing with the annual quest to catch "Catfish Hunter," a rather large catfish. Things do not end all badly for John, however: She reminds her daughter of her five failed marriages and worries that Max will make it six.

Jackson to play the other part, and notes that Jackson and Story just worked on the new Shaft together. John then storms out of the house and heads to the local bar.

The fireworks really begin when they learn that the gorgeous and plucky Maria Ragetti Sophia Loren and her Italian mother have bought their beloved bait shop and plan to turn it into an Italian restaurant.

By the time Max catches up to John, he finds him in a snow drift, experiencing a massive heart attack.Feb 29,  · End titles of Grumpy Old Men with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon.

Dec 25,  · Watch video · The soundtrack is sprinkled with wonderful old songs, along with festive polka songs to set the atmosphere for the town of Wabasha, Minnesota-- a small Swedish-settlement in the North. If you've not seen this movie, and you have a great sense of humor-- do yourself the favor of renting "Grumpy Old Men".7/10(K).

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Eddie Murphy, Tim Story Team For New Line Comedy Inspired By ‘Grumpy Old Men’

4 days ago · Eddie Murphy is set to star in an upcoming remake of the Walter Matthau/Jack Lemmon comedy “Grumpy Old Men,” a person with knowledge of the project has told TheWrap. The Tenth Annual Grumpy Plunge was held in the Mississippi River in Wabasha, MN during the Grumpy Old Men Festival on Saturday, February 24, Forty eight brave plungers raised money to help further the missions of Great River Homes, Inc.

and the Rotary Club of Wabasha. Grumpy Old Men is probably my favorite comedy of all time.

I saw it in the theater back when it came out, then bought the VHS tape as soon as it was released. Then when DVD's took off, I waited and waited and waited for it to be released/5().

Grumpy old men
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