Kfc china and its marketing

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KFC vs MacDo in China

KFC has built up its public image by sponsoring education. In addition, fried chicken is simply more acceptable to the Chinese palate than other American food, such as hamburgers. And in this country where people live connected to internet almost all the time, internet is an essential tool.

Keyhole definitely frees up time from manual monitoring and has contributed to the growth of our social footprint. An Kfc china and its marketing advertising campaign MacDonald resort to patriotic spirit Mc Donald also made noticeable efforts to adapt its marketing strategy. UntilMcDonald was still opening one restaurant per day in China.

Saves me at least 5 hours a week. They use the idea that coming to eat at KFC with your familly is the best way to forget the generation gap and just enjoy a good time all together. Management of the scandal It has become essential in the food industry and restaurants to set up a crisi management strategy, especialy in China.

Thorough understanding of local culture is demonstrated via their advertisements. The brand also focused a lot on kids, who are only child and though kings in China.

First successful because it was exotic, KFC is now part of the scenery. Good price, great conversation monitor.

Armed with knowledge of China and its culture, they formed local partnerships, hired mostly locals and came up with localized menus and management practices. Mac Donald indeed suffers from the fact that it is often associated to junk food and though from the suspicion of the chinese consumers.

KFC makes half of its operating profit. It is the most famous western fast-food restaurant in China.

The History of KFC in China

Symbols of the greatness of China can be seen on some of its commercials: Harland Sanders, the smiling, white-haired man whose portrait appears in KFC stores and Kfc china and its marketing, founded Kentucky Fried Chicken in Crisis situation Food security, a sensitive issue After the serial food scandals China had to deal with within the last years, the question of food security has become a very sensitive one.

Today, KFC has become the clear leader in China amongwestern fast-food restaurants and there is no doubt that it will recover from those adventures. The Best Of Menu that is sold about 7 euros in Europe, only costs 18 yuan in China, which represent about 2,30 euros!

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication and completed a course in interior design. But it is not the case anymore. While KFC immediatly cut off its deal with the incriminated group.

KFC went a step further and created a local team internally. The stipend totaling 38 million renminbi about 4. But high costs soon became associated with high quality and being American, so KFC became popular in China. From this moment, the brand has been making a point at controling the quality of its products.

MacDonald has understood that nationalism sells.The success of KFC in China is also attributable to a business strategy designed and implemented by the so-called Taiwan Gang, a group of Taiwan-born, U.S.-educated senior executives who managed KFC's operations in China in its early stages.

Case Study 2 Introduction KFC China is a quick service restaurant that’s has dominated the local fast-food market.

Marketing has significantly contributed to its success. KFC China is also enhancing its marketing communications to convey exciting news to consumers.

For the first time, the Company leveraged two popular Chinese celebrities – Chen Kun. With KFC as its flagship chain, Yum! has become China’s largest restaurant company by far, with more thanemployees and about 40% of the market for fast-food chains. KFC lost part of its market share in the recent years in China, but their success in the Chinese market is legendary.

KFC entered the Chinese market inand it’s now the largest restaurant chain in the country, with a total of 4, restaurants. However, Liu thinks KFC China should reposition East Dawning, and move its market focus and resources to outside China; and within China, continue to focus on KFC, Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut Express.

Emerging Market Penetration CASE STUDY: KFC in CHINA

After all, he says, KFC China is the indisputable star of YUM!

Kfc china and its marketing
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