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Thus, the idea that the success of water conservation initiatives depends on the effective collaboration of local and municipal bodies and conservation Lin article critique essay often surfaces in the paper, but it does not detract from its significance as it seems really relevant to the discussion.

Using random sampling yields an unbiased sample which means researchers are likely to make sound generalizations Pyrczak, Is the purpose of the study referred to or at least clearly implied? There was reason to believe that the participants shared similarities on relevant variables but results showed significant differences in treatment.

Findings of various government commissions, expert opinions, official documents of various bodies, international agreements and other sources are cited throughout, as well journal articles from peer-reviewed sources.

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Download this Article Critique in word format. The researcher will critique the article by analyzing components of population and sampling, procedures, and measurements. The healthcare setting is not like most other professions either.

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The Lin article provided actual items for measurement. Although your main aim is to analyze the article, you should add some positive features to dilute the overall impressive from your paper; Excessive background information. The Lin Article was examined with accent directed upon the rubric and debut.

The researcher tried to eliminate personal effect by using designated individuals for each treatment. The rationale supporting this conclusion is attributed to not only the high quantity and quality of the information they had provided on this issue, but it is also associated with the proffering of this element being given in a brief and comprehensive manner.

The therapy sessions took place within the current living environment of the rehabilitation residential facility. The survey took topographic point in a residential intervention installation. Whenever treatments in research are studied, consumers of this type of information are often drawn towards knowing the efficacies of the treatments in the Results section Pyrczak, However, it could be more relevant to see these developments through the prism of six underlying principles since this is declared as the purpose of the paper and explore how they have fit into the original framework, whether there is any departure from this framework to respond to new conditions, and what reasons could have brought on such change.

A detailed, well-balanced description of the activities undertaken by the UTRCA permits the author to present the facts and data objectively, without overemphasizing any ideas or points.

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We can write a custom essay According to Your Specific Requirements. The aim of the study was to test the two groups and determine if anger, depression, anxiety and vulnerability would decrease as a result of the individual therapies.

Another suggestion, which also has to do with sampling, is obtaining participants from other facilities that would have a more culturally diverse clientele. Altered interventions were designed for the individual group of participants.

Rating The introduction uses only three quotations from the approximate count of twenty-seven citations used in the introduction section of this article. Scale rating of 5. Yes, the hypothesis does flow from the information in literature review.

The treatments were described in sufficient detail. The first sentence of the introduction speaks of anger and the use of alcohol and other substances. Although tending to praise the efficiency of the UTRCA, the author is ready to indicate the shortcomings of the organization and substantiate success stories with evidence.

The therapist used the same methodology in both types of treatment programs. The abstract does mention the purpose, method and results of this study.The intent of this article is to review the rubric and debut of the Wei-Len Lin () article titled “Effects of Forgiveness Therapy on Anger.

Lin Article Critique; Lin Article Critique. (Lin ). Title critique The title helps identify if the article is relevant to the persons’ research topic or of one that will prove to spark their interest. Several questions can be used in evaluating a title in determining whether the content is one of pursuing (Pyrczak, 1.

ESSAY SAMPLE. Sep 29,  · Free Essays from Bartleby | Religious Philosophy Article Critique Meshell O’Neal Axia College of University of Phoenix I believe that yes, a person’s.

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Order an essay. You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. Lin Article Critique. In its sequel, an analysis of the study’s participants along with an inspection of its procedure and instrumentation was offered.

Within the third and final segment of this critique however, readers will find: (1) a scrutinization of its Results section, (2) an examination of its Discussion section, (3) an assessment of the entire article, and [ ].

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