New york times blogs vs term papers

Instead, journalism is an activity. What is plainly obvious — even a matter of liturgical confession for people of many faiths — is heretical to the reporting cult: Want to share your opinion on this article?

It is the byproduct of the means and requirements of mass production: We speak of ourselves as being interested in the truth, the real truth. He acknowledges that TechCrunch said in its post that it could not confirm the story. Indeed, they are probably more likely than most to do so.

But journalists too often believe they are not. It just means that we do journalism differently, because we can. Robert Picard writes that journalism is not business model; it is not a job; it is not a company; it is not an industry; it is not a form of media; it is not a distribution platform.

Arrington and the other bloggers see this not as rumor-mongering, but as involving the readers in the reporting process. Well, yes, they do, sometimes. Newspaper people see their articles as finished products of their work.

And the best way to do that is simply to admit: Blogs are hardly alone in scoop mentality. The pity is that there are Timesmen who already are using these new methods. Online, we often publish first and edit later.

No one owns journalists or its methods or standards. One could say that hour TV news does that, though I rarely see the editing.

But for journalists, to admit mistakes is to expose failure; corrections, in this logic, diminish stature and authority rather than enhance them. Disagree with this article? But that, apparently, was not the assignment.

Yes, there are standards worth saluting from classical journalism.Sep 25,  · As readers migrated to new digital devices, e-book sales soared, up 1, percent between andalarming booksellers that watched consumers use their stores to find titles they would later buy online.

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Newspapers vs. Bloggers: The New News Process

Posts published in January, No one uses this term; make it “PATH” in virtually all references. they were married at the Clarke Cooke House, a restaurant in Newport, R.I., where the bride and her father, a paper company executive, often ate dinner after sailing. On the menu was lobster rolls. Jan 09,  · The New York Times.

The New Old Age. Search. Subscribe Now Log In 0 Settings. The Times is discontinuing publication of The New Old Age blog. I join many of you in disappointment — but, to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of its death have been exaggerated.

has explored aging and caregiving from a variety of perspectives. An alarm went off on some desk at The New York Times (NYSE:NYT) business section: Oh-oh, time to slam blogs again. But the latest assault reveals as much about The Times and the culture of. Feb 04,  · Slap Shot, the New York Times hockey blog, reports on the Rangers, the National Hockey League and anything that glides quickly across a frozen surface anywhere on the globe, from the snowy prairies of Saskatchewan to the frigid steppes of Russia and beyond, like, say, Phoenix.

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Search. Begging the Question, Again. That’s not begging the question. That’s simply raising the question. ME: Huh? I might suddenly drop dead of a burst blood vessel in my brain due to seeing this misuse of begs the question in the Times, or in one of my student’s papers.

New york times blogs vs term papers
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