Peaceweaver rebecca barnhouse critique

She must leave her home and everyone she loves.

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Maybe I should just describe it as historical fantasy and leave it at that. Peaceweaver is an excellent fantasy that will appeal to all. Instead of being rewarded, she is sent to exile and her whole world is thrown into disarray.

Have students explore the rights and responsibilities of their own lives. She made me do the bathrooms.

But to her dismay, the force that guided her to protect her cousin is also guiding her to protect the men that are taking her to her new home. What, like Hild, did they give up? Which do they like best as a character? Her dreams are quashed when she is taken over by an unknown force — much like a berserker — and is driven to protect her cousin and presumed heir from an assassination attempt.

I was completely taken by surprise by the depth of this story, with its impressive heroine, the exploration of duty and honor, and the beautifully written world.

So when she protects her cousin the crown prince from a murderous traitor, she expects the king to be grateful.


The first pages of this book is rightfully gripping as Rebecca provides such beautiful descriptions of everything inside Shylfing city. I loved it, from first page to last, and cannot wait to read more from Rebecca Barnhouse.

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Before she leaves her entire world behind as well as her family and friends, she learns that the King has no intention to honour the peace treaty and she fears she will be killed to.

Instead, she is unjustly accused of treachery herself. By using the resources of your school and local library, students can self-select novels. She, of course, has no say in the matter. Do Hild and Wiglaf manage to maintain peace for their people during their lifetimes?

The character development of Hild is simply wonderful. Next, have them create more three-dimensional characters from the folk or fairy tale, and write their own original retelling in short story format. When was the last time you cried?Get this from a library!

Peaceweaver. [Rebecca Barnhouse] -- Sixteen-year-old Hild hates the perpetual fighting between men of her kingdom and others, but when she is.

Rebecca Barnhouse has taken the “Beowulf” epic poem and used it for the basis of two historical fantasy novels.

Your students may not be familiar with the “Beowulf” story prior to reading The Coming of the Dragon or Peaceweaver, but they most likely know some folk or fairy tales made popular in Europe and the United States by the.

Title: Peaceweaver Author: Rebecca Barnhouse Genre: Historical Fantasy, Young Adult Publisher: Random House Publication date: March 27 Hardcover: pages This is historical fantasy at its best. Sixteen-year-old Hild has always been a favorite of her uncle, king of the Shylfings. So when she protects her cousin the crown prince from a.

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Peaceweaver by Rebecca Barnhouse is a wonderful stand-alone companion book to The Coming of the Dragon. The main focus is on Hild, the teenage niece to the King of the Shylfings, whose life could not get any better.


When she discovers she is a far-seer (someone who can look into the futue), she is able to save the King’s son from a /5. Rebecca Barnhouse's companion to The Coming of the Dragon is sure to appeal to younger fans of Tamora Pierce, Esther Friesner, and Shannon Hale.

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Peaceweaver rebecca barnhouse critique
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