Pepsi com brand marketing website case study

Another important aspect to keep in mind for Pepsi Next and its likely financial viability is the overall size of the CSD market.

Pepsi acquired the Gatorade brand with their purchase of the Quaker Company in Log in or go back to the homepage.

Case Study: PepsiCo’s International Marketing Strategy

The beginning of Pepsi Cola was in the back room of his pharmacy, but recognizing its potential, Caleb soon started bottling the product so that people all over can enjoy it. That challenge is obviously one reason that Pepsi has included a heavy free sample aspect in their promotional mix.

It was the candy manufacturer, Charles G. It was during World War II that the company adopted the red white and blue emblem to depict patriotic America. However, another way to look at this market gap is to not see it as a gap at all, as suggested by PepsiCo.

It is important to note that despite a significant upfront promotional investment, Pepsi are planning to support and monitor Pepsi Next over the long-term. Retail dollar sales have been supported somewhat by price increases. In the international arena, Pepsi has been able to create a niche through its vigorous advertisement and event sponsorship.

The main point was neither company had a cost advantage. Guthwho bought it from the previous owner and revived it into the global brand it is today.

It is estimated that the cola category of the CSD market is reducing by around 90 million cases a year. With the Indian markets, Pepsi had the first mover advantage over Coke. This was caused by a wrong fax being sent and the wrong number being announced on TV. Obviously, even though Coke and Pepsi both have enormous brand equity throughout the world, there is still a limit to the range of offerings that each firm would want under these brands.

They might try and add an additional feature, such as a different sized bottle They might try to improve the Pepsi brand They might target a different geography They may try and improve the taste of the cola They might add a product line extension This is how Pepsi would use the Market Model to simulate the market outcome from each of these possible strategies.

If consumers cannot tell the difference in taste between the two in a blind taste test, then the only differentiating qualities are the product brands.

The new data can then be integrated into the Market Map.

Harvard Business Review selects Pepsi Refresh Project as marketing case study

What Pepsi is trying to accomplish is unprecedented; its philosophy rips up the traditional marketing rulebook.

Both of these brands only lasted around 18 months or so in the market before being withdrawn. Doritos has also had success with social media through its user-generated Super Bowl ads. The launch strategy seemed to heavily focus on generating trials. While there is a significant risk that this type of product had the potential to cannibalize Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max, the firm believes based upon the test market results that Pepsi Next will attract new consumers and energize their entire Pepsi brand family.

Upon their launch which coincided with summerPepsiCo indicated that both flavors would only be available for a limited time only.

Though the effort was commendable it was a major blunder.

Pass or Fail, Pepsi's Refresh Will Be Case for Marketing Textbooks

This comparative ad was effective and brought Pepsi back into the spot light. In these tests, it was determined that a broad variety of consumers in demographic terms were willing to try Pepsi Next. Hence promotion was the main way of competing.

It is also a common tactic in the fast food industry. In the s to create a niche among the African American, Pepsi created a scholarship program that awarded 17 African American high school seniors full time scholarships.

Access to this immense loyalty database has enabled Pepsi to identify consumers that have reduced their cola consumption over time, which is stated as the target market for Pepsi Next.

In fact, Pepsi did launch Diet Pepsi. Of course, both Coke and Pepsi have had a long tradition of successfully establishing new brands, so it is always of interest when they decide to leverage their flagship brands.

PepsiCo has been quite persistent with pursing mid-calories beverage products — why do you think this is the case? Overall, these movements indicate changing tastes of consumers as a result of a stronger health focus.

And the soft drink market has also been slightly challenged by sports drinks and energy drinks that have seen a minor increase in market share. Keller, "the one thing becoming more and more true is the importance of cause marketing for any brand, but particularly a brand that has a more youthful target and appeal, which Pepsi clearly has.

Hence in Japan they had to break their tradition of running with the global campaign and come up with a campaign that the Japanese would identify with and was more Japanese.Case Study: PepsiCo’s International Marketing Strategy Pepsi was created by chemist named Caleb Bradham.

He was inspired to experiment with various products and ingredients to create a suitable summer drink that became highly sought after way back in the summer of Case Studies for Management (taken at various books and websites) Case Studies for Management (taken at various books and websites) Words Oct 2nd, 49 Pages.

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We think of ordering. Pass or Fail, Pepsi's Refresh Will Be Case for Marketing Textbooks Added Mr. Keller, "the one thing becoming more and more true is the importance of cause marketing for any brand, but.

Pepsi com brand marketing website case study
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