Proportion math problems

For word problem types, check at least one box. Answers rounded to empty lines below the problem workspace Choose the type of problems: Portrait Landscape PDF worksheet only; the orientation of an html worksheet can be set in the print preview of the browser Font: How can we solve these types of problems?

Metric units kg, km, liter US customary units lb, mile, gallon Range of numbers to be used for distances miles or kilometers in the word problems: Or figure Proportion math problems long it takes to travel somewhere with such-and-such a speed?

You can make a table to organize the information. Do you ever talk about going 55 miles per hour? Below, the long line —— means "corresponds to", not subtraction.

The following two problems involve a proportion: If a car travels a certain distance in 3 hours, what distance could it travel in 7 hours?

Have you ever figured how much something costs given the unit price or what is your monthly pay if given the hourly rate?


A boat can travel 45 miles on 7 gallons of gasoline. This overrides the previous selections for decimal digits.

Range of numbers to be used for weights pounds or kilograms in the word problems: How much gasoline will it need to go 78 miles? An airplane travels miles in 3 hours with a constant speed. How far can it travel in 7 hours with the same speed? Both situations involve four numbers, of which three are given and one is unknown.

The many ways to solve a proportion There are actually several ways to figure out the answer to a proportion — all involve proportional thinking.

For example, in the top problem we have 1 gasoline, measured in gallons, and 2 money, measured in dollars. How much would 3. A car can travel 45 miles on 2 gallons of gasoline. Proportions [No word problems.

We use them constantly, whether we realize it or not. The general idea in these problems is that we have two quantities that both change at the same rate.

How far can it travel on 5. How can we educators help them learn and retain how to solve proportions? How much time will it take traveling 1, miles? A car travels 98 miles in 1. Word problems [Check the type below.

Teaching ratios and proportions

These determine the number of problems Range of numbers to be used in the proportions: I can write a proportion and solve it by cross multiplying:Help with Proportions.

A proportion occurs when two ratios are forced to be equal to each other. This selection will allow you to find a second ratio that is in the same proportion as the first. Help typing in your math problems. Home | Contact Us. Nov 11,  · Learn how to solve proportions in these step by step examples.

Help with Proportions

Check out all my math videos on Purplemath. Proportions are built from ratios. A "ratio" is just a comparison between, or a relating of, two different things. For instance, someone can look at a group of people, count noses, and refer to the "ratio of men to women" in the group.

Learn how to solve different types of proportion word problems, examples with step by step solutions, grade 6, direct proportion word problems, inverse proportion word problems.

Algebra: Proportion Word Problems

Mathematical proportions are often used by scientists and researchers to compare information. Anytime you hear 'one out of' a mathematical. We can use proportions to solve similar triangles. Example: How tall is the Tree? Sam tried using a ladder, tape measure, ropes and various other things, but still couldn't work out how tall the tree was.

Proportion math problems
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