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After this training, I felt was ready to move ahead with my qualitative data analysis project. The course moves at a good pace, the instructor is responsive to questions and issues, and a full range of features are demonstrated. The book uses many real examples to illustrate the methods and provides clear explanations of the standard French interpretive tools inertia explained and correlation circles for instance.

The inclusion of the new chapter on visualisation is very welcome, as it shows how outputs need to be carefully constructed. His mastery of qualitative research shows when he teaches the course.

Real applications are used as examples, with the results interpreted in detail, enhancing the huge potential of this exploratory approach.

Wolf,Professor of Sociology, Univ. I am very excited to begin using it! Every researcher interested in exploratory multivariate analysis in R should have this book on their shelf.

The software is feature-rich and seemed dauntingly complex at first. I enjoyed enormously the presentation. All concepts and their applications were clearly explained. Victoria MillsResearch Assistant, Department of Public Health, University of Tennessee Knoxville One of my job duties is to come up with a qualitative study from focus groups of Registered Nurses identifying what is important in their practice of Nursing.

The instructor clearly knows this software and qualitative methods backwards and forwards. The authors have expanded upon their original work but have given the reader additional insights with specific attention paid to missing data and further guidance on the usability of R.

I feel like I learned many practical techniques and can start using the software on my own now. It is working very well and it has exceeded all my expectations. This workshop was focused on two projects, neither of which I am working on, and I was still able I feel much more comfortable using this software, and I know I will use it much more effectively with what I have learned.

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You understand the power of the tool, but also the power of the work. Every topic covered was very useful. I highly recommend this training program! The focus is on descriptive techniques, whose purpose is to explore the data from different perspectives, trying to find patterns, but without going into the realm of inferential statistics, with its formal tests of hypotheses, confidence intervals and other more advanced topics.

It was witty, funny, and serious at the same time. Five stars out of five. All participants in the training were very pleased. I also found your personal insights into project management and analysis strategies to be invaluable.

It was by far the most helpful as it took us from the very beginnings of project organization. Beh, Journal of Applied Statistics, June Its strength is its detailed advice on interpretation, in the context of varied examples.

The workshop was wonderful! However, after attending the two-day seminar in DC I have a deeper understanding of I look forward to using these tools in my work! Louis I thought the workshop was highly productive in terms of learning the program in a short period of time. We were taken through the learning process step by step.

The workshop was very hands on. The instructor has a teaching style conducive to learning a computer software program: An experienced qualitative researcher [critical ethnography], I needed to learn how to use ATLAS, such a powerful package.

Thank you for furnishing a well versed and experienced trainer who presented a balanced training and well navigated the difficult barriers of saturation and attention span.

Effective speaking is an art.Sep 11,  · A multiple correspondence analysis and a hierarchical ascendant classification aimed at identifying patterns according to complications (“death” was coded as an illustrative variable) were performed using R software version (The R Foundation for Statistical Computing; Vienna, Austria), with packages FactoMineR.

Multiple. As a Software Engineer in Testing (SET), the biggest personality traits I look for are solid communication skills (explaining why something is a problem), and being able to hold to and defend their argument if another engineer gets defensive or argumentative. Cain's meticulous and sensitive analysis of the context for and dynamic of Jerome's letters builds on the scholarship of Conybeare and Trout on Paulinus of Nola's epistolography, and his exploration of some of the more obscure corners of Jerome's correspondence is particularly welcome.

The Literary Influence of St. Jerome This article explores St. Jerome's literary influence. This ancient doctor of the Church may be said to be the father of Christian Latin prose, and through it.

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